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PRAGMATIC | design — 5 Kitchen Tips

The Foundation for the 21st Century Souls Regardless of our status, single, married, housewife, professional, retired,   our time matters . As precious as life could be, the way we decide to spend our time and the   choices   we make count. “D, don’t get frustrated, you know the painful consequences stress has on your body.”  - I heard this morning. Yes! Frustration got me here writing about such a powerful tool and human virtue called  design , which can be sometimes wasted when implemented badly. I never thought, and still don’t think, I have the ability to write properly, nor entertaintly, but letting these frustrations out can make some changes in some lives’ for good, therefore, no shame here. Let's start with a background and this goes for #developers #landlords, #building-associations, #city-departments, #designer and #product-designers, #home-owners and you! I’m a former architect-designer (commercial and residential). In my opinion, offering humans a  living   unit , does

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